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Art History Research Seminar

The world is our friend for such a short time: the significance of the dead in representations of The Triumph of Death in Trecento Italy

Presenter: Stephanie Swanson

My PhD investigates the Triumph of Death, a popular theme in fourteenth century Italian art. This macabre iconography always depicts a slaughter committed by a personified figure of Death who rides or flies over a pile of dead bodies. Like other Trecento works, each iconographical element of the Triumph of Death had deliberate and specific associations that allowed viewers to actively create meaning. In this talk I will present my analysis of the bodies of the dead in eight separate versions of the Triumph.

Two expatriate Australian painters: two continents

Presenter: Ann Sutherland 

Dora Meeson (1869-1955) and (Richard) Hayley Lever (1875-1958), were both born and trained in Australia, before leaving for London within a year of each other. Both stayed overseas establishing successful careers: Meeson, in London, Lever, moving to the United States. Where many hundreds of artists, including expatriates, were selected to represent the nation in government sponsored exhibitions in Britain and America during the inter-war period, neither artist was accorded that recognition, they were also not unique in that regard. Expatriates of the inter-war years are often presented as romantic icons, escaping sexual and social convention. Expatriate artists claimed they could provide a new, fresher vision of the nation from afar. Australian expatriate artists from two continents are discussed, raising matters of agency, identity, place and the visioning of the nation.

This event will be held online via Zoom.

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Chair: Kate Davidson, Contributions by: Donna Brett, Kate Davidson,  Mark De Vitis, Mary Roberts

19 November  Scholars Forum: ‘Museums as sites of civil society: Conversations with audience in the 21st century’, Chiara O’Reilly, Anna Lawrenson, Lee-Anne Hall





Oct 29 2020


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm



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