Performance Studies Seminar: Yu-Chieh Li & Dr Olivier Krischer – School of Literature, Art and Media Performance Studies Seminar: Yu-Chieh Li & Dr Olivier Krischer – School of Literature, Art and Media

Performance Studies Seminar: Yu-Chieh Li & Dr Olivier Krischer

“Wu/Shamanism in Contemporary Performance Art from Asia”

Yu-Chieh Li, Postdoctoral Fellow, UNSW Art & Design

Performance artists in Asia since the 1980s increasingly draw from folk cultures and Shamanism to create dialogues between their body and the environment. Although positioned in the local avant-garde movements, the body works of artists such as Iwan Wijono, Wang Molin, Hou Junming, and He Yunchang have not been adequately explored.  These artists developed distinct performance aesthetics that deviate from the Happenings or socially engaged art, before joining the global network through live art festivals since the mid-1990s. In this talk, I attempt to re-read elements of liveness, audience participation, and social engagement of performance through local ideas of Wu/Shamanism, and hopefully this will create a dialogue with performance art in Anglophone writings.

Brief Bio for Dr Yu-Chieh Li
Yu-Chieh Li is the Judith Neilson Postdoctoral Fellow in Contemporary Art at UNSW Art & Design. She is working on a book on post-socialism, collective practice, and audience participation in Post-Mao Chinese art. Li worked as an Andrew W. Mellon C-MAP Fellow at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and as an adjunct researcher at Tate Research Centre: Asia. Her current research concerns performativity, artistic networks, and diaspora of Sinosphere from the 1970s to the 1990s.


“Rethinking art as informal life politics in Hong Kong”

Olivier Krischer, Deputy Director, China Studies Centre, University of Sydney

This presentation reconsiders research into artistic practices as a form of informal life politics in the context of Hong Kong, through the case of Wooferten 活化廳, an artist-run space in Yau Ma Tei. I situate the space’s emergence in the context of local cultural politics, and a network of ‘translocal’ collaborators from South Korea and Japan, for example, then consider theoretical approaches to creative action, against the often overlooked history of social movements in Hong Kong. Looking back, I wonder to what extent small acts of creative autonomy rehearsed the grand collective ambitions of Hong Kong today? 

Brief Bio for Dr Olivier Krischer,

Olivier is an art historian whose research regards the role of art theory and practice in modern and contemporary China-Japan relations, and more recently networks of artistic activism from Hong Kong and across East Asia.

Prior to joining the Centre, Olivier was a visiting fellow in the Institute for Modern History, at Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and a post-doctoral fellow at the Australian Centre on China in the World at the Australian National University (ANU). He completed his PhD at the University of Tsukuba where he subsequently worked as assistant professor in art history. In Australia, he has lectured and supervised at the University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, and ANU. Olivier is co-editor of the journal special issue ‘Asian Art Research in Australia and New Zealand: Past, Present and Future’, Australia & New Zealand Journal of Art (Taylor & Francis, 2016), and the book Asia through Art and Anthropology (Bloomsbury, 2013).




AV Room (S113), Woolley Building, Manning Road
The University of Sydney NSW 2006


Oct 18 2019


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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